Learn about salinity and related concepts

Learn about salinity and water quality

Where to go for more information

Now you know quite a bit about salinity and water quality. But these are both big topics, and there's a lot more to learn.

The following sections of the literature review document — a reference book located on this same CD — provide detailed information about some of the aforementioned concepts.

  • Chapter III, part A: Water quality constituents of concern
  • Chapter IV, part A: Root zone salinity

The printed documents cited below also provide detailed and relevant information. The first one is a leaflet that's available for purchase from the publisher, as indicated in the citation. The other three are books you can obtain from a variety of university libraries. To find one of those in a library near you, use the "find in a library" search function described in detail on the Worldcat Library website.

  • Farnham, D.S., R.F. Hasek, and J.L. Paul. 1993. Water Quality: Its Effects on Ornamental Plants. University of California Cooperative Extension, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Leaflet 2995, 12 pages. Available from publisher's website.
  • Hanson, Blaine, Stephen R. Grattan, and Allan Fulton. 1993. Agricultural Salinity and Drainage. Cooperative Extension, Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources, University of California, Davis; softbound, 140 p. Water management series publication number 93-01. Formerly available from University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, this title currently is out of print.
  • Fitts, Charles R. 2002. Groundwater Science. Academic Press, hardbound, 450 pages. (In particular, see Chapter 9, Groundwater Chemistry.)
  • Tanji, Kenneth K, editor. 1990. Agricultural Salinity Assessment and Management. American Society of Civil Engineers, hardbound, 620 pages. (See especially Chapter 3, Chemistry of Salt-Affected Soils and Waters.)
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