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Problems involving turfgrasses

Turfgrass problems are common at golf courses, playing fields, and park lawns. Salt-related maladies are only one of the many different kinds of problems that can occur. We show, by way of example, many of the non-salt-related problems, as well as the salt-related ones, because often you do not know what you are dealing with when you first begin diagnosing a problem. Problems may be caused by:

  • Irrigation and drainage — water deficits, waterlogging, or excessive runoff
  • Water quality — salinity damage and specific-ion toxicities
  • Herbicides — drift and phytotoxicity
  • Weather — low and high temperatures, excessive or deficient sunlight, wind
  • Mechanical and construction injuries — vehicular and human traffic, rooting restrictions
  • Multiple stresses — plants may exhibit a combination of abiotic disorders

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