Solve a problem related to plants, water, or soil

Problems involving trees, shrubs, and ground covers

Specific problems encountered for landscape trees, shrubs, and ground covers include:

  • Irrigation and drainage — water deficit, waterlogging, excessive runoff, plugging of emitters and microsprinklers
  • Water quality — salinity damages and specific-ion toxicities
  • Soil quality — nutrient deficit, alkaline soil pH, aeration deficit, soil permeability, and soil compaction
  • Air quality — air pollutants and toxic gases
  • Herbicides — drift and phytotoxicity
  • Weather-related injuries — low and high temperatures, excessive or deficient sunlight, wind, hail, and lightning
  • Mechanical and construction injuries — trunk and root damages and rooting restrictions or compaction
  • Multiples stresses — combination of abiotic disorders

Sample problems and corresponding diagnoses and solutions for trees, shrubs, and ground covers are as follows (choose one by clicking on a phrase of your choice):

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